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Valerie with Columbine survivor, national speaker and Foundry Treatment Center COO
Austin Eubanks. At The Foundry Treatment Center, Steamboat Springs, CO. July 2017.

Valerie presenting at Colorado Mental Health Professionals Conference,
University of Denver, April 2017

Remaining Single book birthday party 2016

Valerie with "equine assistant"
at Beyond The Arena,
Larkspur, CO. August 2016

Valerie at CEU training with keynote speaker Herschel Walker, former pro football player and motivational speaker. Denver, CO. June 2016

Hiking New Mexico 2016

Golfing Maui 2016

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO 2015

Independence Pass, CO 2015

Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO 2014

Vail, CO - 2014

Skiing at Arapahoe Basin Colorado (2013)

Cub Lake Hike Rocky Mountain Park 2012 (2012)

Hiking Blue Lake/Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado (2012)

Hiking Moab, Utah (2012)

Valerie with famous fellow conference speaker William Glasser, MD, founder of Reality Theory and Choice Theory...

Valerie with famous fellow conference speaker John Bradshaw, MA, MSP, well-known author and lecturer...

...Speaking at the Ben Franklin Summit for Clinical Excellence, Philadelphia, April 2009

Hiking at Acadia National Park, Maine (2009)

Sailing out of Northeast Harbor, Maine (2009)

Valerie and her faraway friend Laureen
Victoria B.C. (May 2008)

Valerie w/BMB t-shirts on display at Philly Fit Fest Bash November 2008

Valerie presenting at Creativity and Madness CEU Conference Big Island, Hawaii, December 2008

Valerie presenting at Creativity and Madness national conference, Santa Fe, NM August 2007

Conference participants waiting to give feedback to Valerie

A humorous moment between Valerie and conference participants

(l to r) Denise Forlizzi, Conference Coordinator,
Barry Panter, MD, PhD, Conference Founder & Director,
Valerie Shinbaum, Conference Speaker, Ann Rea, Conference Assistant

Denise Forlizzi, Conference Coordinator,
Lorena Williams, Conference Speaker,
Valerie Shinbaum, Conference Speaker,
Ann Rea, Conference Assistant

Hiking at Tent Rocks, New Mexico (2007)


Along the Pacific Coast Highway below Carmel, CA

Wine Tasting in Paso Robles, CA

Heroes Lunch (l to r) Valerie Shinbaum, Deborah Reast, Yvonne Kaye, and Alison Barshak

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